Boston TransTec was created in response to the requirements of the 21st century. Technological innovations are accelerating at an unprecedented rate, paving the way for revolutionary new discoveries in all areas of human endeavor. Previously insoluble problems are being solved and Boston TransTec is at the forefront of the wave.

The company was founded by inventor, cardiac surgeon and scientist Tengiz Tkebuchava, MD, PhD. A ski injury that abruptly ended his surgical career catapulted him into a new opportunity: to take his experience and apply it to the development of pioneering applications within medicine and beyond. He was uniquely suited to this, as he had already developed a number of ground-breaking improvements for surgical techniques, and had long been considering ways in which various conventional medical devices could be improved upon.

Dr. Tkebuchava’s aptitude for innovation attracted him to applications for gene and stem cell therapies, which are rapidly changing the outlook for fighting historically unbeatable illnesses. Our company is now leveraging the latest scientific advances to radically improve the design of cardiac and other medical devices, giving patients globally not only hope but a cure.

BTT is not just about medicine, though. We focus on high-tech solutions to a broad range of problems, all centering around life - protecting lives, saving lives, or improving people’s quality of life. Each business – medical or non-medical – is independent, but united by this common goal.

Boston TransTec is establishing productive collaborations with strategic partners around the world.

Boston TransTec - medical devices

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